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About Us

At Tank War Room, expect to find a hefty amount of content related to World of Tanks, its community, and the PC gaming cutlure. That's not all, however. We're gamers from various backgrounds and on all platforms, so no system or title is off limits. In fact, no topic is off limits. We have been known to write about anything that piques our interest, including food!

Nate Hohl - News Editor

Nate Hohl has been a gamer for most of his life, but it wasn't until he attended a writing-intensive college that he realized he could combine his love of gaming and his skills as a writer into a career. While covering the latest gaming news and writing reviews is fun, Nate's true passion is making sure his readers are informed and (hopefully) enlightened by what he writes, which is why he also enjoys exploring other facets of culture such as books, movies, and television and seeing how they influence (and are influenced by) the world of gaming.

Twitter: @NateHohl

Larryn Bell - Senior Editor

Larryn has a passion for linguistics and a penchant for playing video games, which has led to her current journey into video games journalism. She has a particular knack for creating guides that help players solve puzzles and overcome obstacles. Aside from World of Tanks, Larryn enjoys playing a variety of different game types, from shooters and action RPG's, to puzzle adventures and indie titles. You can also find her elsewhere on the internet under the username StrangeLuv.


Sam Chandler - Editor

Sam is a full-time writer and lover of gaming. He has a penchant for the Souls series, a love for all things Destiny, and a passion for sci-fi novels. He has a humble beginning of writing guides and creating gaming videos for YouTube.
Twitter: @SamuelChandler

Bill Lavoy - Editor-in-Chief

Bill foolishly wanted to be a YouTube star for a couple of years before getting wise and landing a job writing guide content for Prima Games in 2013. From there, he continued to write guides for USGamer and other websites before finally landing on Tank War Room. You can reach him by email, but what he really wants are Twitter followers so he can rant about MMA and the NHL to a larger audience.

Twitter: @RumpoPlays

Tank War Room is a joint venture between Greenlit Content and Wargaming North America. Greenlit staff independently plan and create all the content, while Wargaming provides funding, access, competition prizes and exclusive promotions. Although this is a commercial site, our number one goal is to keep the World of Tanks community entertained.