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Best Medium Tanks for Sniping

Medium tanks make for some of the most versatile snipers in the game.

Panther II

A step up from the Panther is the Panther II, better in every way.

Anyone who enjoyed the Panther is in for a treat with the Panther II, the direct upgrade to the previous vehicle. The Panther II takes what its old version did and improves upon it, but don’t expect to have any major gameplay changes.

Touting five guns to choose from, snipers will want to get their hands on the 8,8 Kw.K L/100 as soon as possible. This beast of a gun offers a dispersion rating of 0.3 with an aim time of 2.2. Furthermore, the damage output is whooping 240, while the penetration rating comes in at 223 mm.

The penetration and dispersion values alone should sell the Panther II as a sniper, but if that doesn’t do it, the impressive acceleration and top speeds will help. The Panther II is able to get into an ideal position extremely quickly, or in the event it’s spotted, relocate.


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