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Best Medium Tanks for Sniping

Medium tanks make for some of the most versatile snipers in the game.

E 50

With one of the best dispersion values in World of Tanks, the E 50 is an amazing sniper.

Jumping up to Tier 9 is another German Medium in the form of the E 50, the tank with the best dispersion rating in the game – aside from the Grille 15. A tanker looking to stop and simply be the best sniper will find a pleasant life piloting the E 50.

At Tier 9, this Medium tank has a huge amount of guns to choose from, and out of the five options, the 8,8 cm Kw.K L/100 – though offering the same damage and penetration as it did on the Panther II, is able to reach a dispersion rating of 0.29.

Offering an aim time of 2 seconds and 80 rounds, the E 50 can nestle down in its sniper’s nest and pick away at enemies all day. Couple this with the 390 m base view range and it might as well not be on the battlefield.

However, if you want to forgo a little bit of the dispersion, throw on the 10,5 cm Kw.K L/52 Ausf. B and melt your enemy’s faces with 390 alpha damage. Though it didn’t make it to the list, the E 50 is right at home as one of the highest alpha damage Medium tanks in World of Tanks.


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