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Best Medium Tanks for Sniping

Medium tanks make for some of the most versatile snipers in the game.

Centurion Action X

Representing Tier 10, the Centurion AX can pick off an enemy from across a battlefield.

Tier 10 is where the grind comes to a close, as there are no more tanks to aim for, but that doesn’t mean the fun stops. In the British tech tree, the Tier 10 Centurion Action X is one of the best Medium tanks to use as a sniper in World of Tanks.

With only one gun to choose from, the Centurion AX takes the trouble of making a decision out of your hands and offers you the 105 mm Gun L7A2, a gun capable of 390 alpha damage, 268 mm of penetration, and most importantly, a dispersion value of 0.32.

Furthermore, if you want to use Premium rounds, the Centurion AX offers HEAT, one of the best shells to use if you want to kill the crew in an enemy tank. But sticking with AP rounds will ensure you don’t erode your earnings. Perch up on a hill, exploit the Centurion AX’s gun depression, and get to sniping enemy tanks.


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