7 Tips to Become a Better Player in Battlefield 1

Follow these tips to improve your skills and become a better player in Battlefield 1.

Battlefield 1 has maintained a steady player base since the game launched in October 2016. Since then, players have uncovered nearly every trick and secret in the game, including several details you probably didn’t know about in Battlefield 1.

Despite its dedicated player base, new players are joining the burgeoning Battlefield 1 community each day. There are still plenty of players who could benefit from a few pointers to help sharpen their multiplayer skills, so we’ve come up with several tips that will hopefully do just that. The following contains several tips and tricks that will help you get better at Battlefield 1 when playing online. 

Crates vs. Pouches

Which is better: crates, or pouches? it’s an age-old question that continues to pop up on the Battlefield 1 subreddit and forums, and we thought it would be worth addressing here.

Both the Support and Medic classes have a choice between crates and pouches for their respective resupply and heal functions in Battlefield 1. Both options have their benefits, and choosing the better option comes down to specific combat scenarios.

Ammo and Bandage pouches have the advantage of being thrown directly to teammates to give them a quick heal or resupply. Pouches can be thrown at a teammate by looking at the player and pressing the appropriate gadget button or with the “spotting” button (see next page). Pouches are a great way to help teammates who need direct assistance during battle.

When using the Medical Syringe, stay near an Ammo Crate so you can resupply and revive multiple teammates quickly.

While Ammo and Medical crates will resupply or heal teammates a bit slower than their pouch equivalents, crates will benefit multiple players within a given radius and thus should be used in heavily-defended areas, such as around an objective during Conquest or Operations. Ammo crates allow Medics to resupply their syringe and revive multiple allies more quickly, without having to wait for the cooldown time in between.

Keep in mind that unlike previous games, crates in Battlefield 1 are placed at your feet rather than thrown, so certain terrain or objects may prohibit your ability to set down a crate. Make sure the ground around you is clear of debris to ensure you can place a crate when your team needs it.


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