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7 Ways to Get Better at World of Tanks

Becoming better at World of Tanks is as simple as focusing on a few key areas.

Train Your Crew

Obviously this is a given, but for a lot of intermediate tankers it can be a daunting process. Training crew requires a huge amount of investment as each skill requires exponentially more experience to train.

Pick the right skills and train up your crew to get better at World of Tanks.

The main element to training crew that will help you get better at World of Tanks is knowing what skills to train first. If you begin training a “bad” skill first, you’re only making it more difficult on yourself in the long run.

Arguably some of the best skills belong to the Commander. A lot of his skills and perks directly help your other crew members while also giving you critical abilities such as Sixth Sense. Take the time to familiarize yourself with the skills so you know what to aim for.

Another good idea is to purchase a Premium tank. A lot of veteran tankers swear by their effectiveness at training up crew of the same nation. While you can train your crew in a standard vehicle, using a Premium vehicle can reduce some stress and cut the training time in half.

Picking a good Premium tank can be tough for a first-time buyer. So be sure to look over our list of best Premium tanks to farm credits, as not only will they rake in the silver, but they can be used to train crew quickly.


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