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7 Ways to Get Better at World of Tanks

Becoming better at World of Tanks is as simple as focusing on a few key areas.


Like any good relationship, communication leads to a good time. Communicating with your teammates in World of Tanks is just as important as paying attention to your minimap. A team with zero communication will be unable to work together effectively.

Communicate with your teammates, regardless of how good you think they are, they're also in the game to win.

And by communicate, I’m not talking about “Get the f*** outta my way a******, you’re blocking my shot.” That’s not good communication and only leads to a team that refuses to work together. Instead, opt for constructive snippets of information “Going down 9-line” or “They’re flanking from hill”.

Another good idea is to ping the map. If you plan on moving to a location or if you know where an enemy tank is located that’s not displayed on the map, ping it! Just don’t go crazy else the pings will lose all meaning.

The more you communicate, the more you’ll realize what information needs to be said. You’ll end up looking for key pieces of knowledge to share with your teammates, whether it’s a tank you’ve spotted but your SPGs can’t see, or a wolf pack rolling around. Keep those lines of communication open and you’ll get better and better.


Sam Chandler

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