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Top 5 Silly Mistakes Players Make in World of Tanks

These are the silly mistakes you’re making every game – stop it.

Being Too Aggressive

Being too aggressive is a silly mistake I personally make all the time. I will misread a situation and instead of retreating, I’ll sit stubbornly and continue firing. Worse still is when I venture out too far into the open and get locked down by a cheeky tank continually tracking me.

Being too aggressive can be a quick trip straight back to the Garage.

While it’s not a good idea to be too passive, (unless you’re using one of the best passive scouts in the game) reigning in the aggressive pushes can save your skin. Sometimes it comes down to knowing when to be aggressive and when to relax and take a moment. This sort of decision making comes with playing the game, participating in the community, and reading guides.

A good way to gauge whether to be aggressive is to check what your teammates are doing around you. If your squad is ready for an aggressive push, go for it! If you’re in a wolf pack, be aggressive!


Sam Chandler

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