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Top 5 Silly Mistakes Players Make in World of Tanks

These are the silly mistakes you’re making every game – stop it.

Firing the Wrong Shell Type

You know that AP round you’re firing at the turret of the Object 252U? Well, it’s probably not the right shell to be using. One of the silliest mistakes a tanker can make is firing the wrong type of shell at an enemy tank.

Firing the wrong type of shell is an easy mistake to fix.
Firing the wrong type of shell is an easy mistake to fix.

Now, we do not mean you should hit the 2-key and start spamming. Instead, take the time to understand the differences between the shell types in World of Tanks. Figuring out how they are different and what they can be used for is your first step to fixing this silly mistake.

If you want to target crew members in an enemy vehicle, using HESH rounds is a good start. Planning on taking down an SPG? Load up some HE rounds and watch them melt. HE shells are good, but they’re not good for every task. Take the time to know when to use HE rounds so you can stop firing the wrong shell types.


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