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7 Tanks You Have to Play At Least Once

Every World of Tanks player should try these seven vehicles at least once.


The mighty Maus is an indomitable behemoth that shrugs off shells faster than your enemy’s gunner says, “That one bounced.” The Maus is one of the greatest Super Heavy Tanks in the game currently, even after its recent nerf in Update 9.20. This is almost solely down to its obscenely thick nominal armor values, but its phenomenal 128mm main armament doesn't hurt. Or more accurately, it does.

Utilizing some of the thickest armor in the game, the Maus almost never receives damage, especially if angled correctly and the enemy doesn’t know how to destroy the Maus. But it’s not just the armor, the Maus has a huge health pool totalling 3200 HP. If your enemies can pierce through the 260 mm of turret armor, the 200 mm of hull armor, or even the 160 mm of armor at your rear, they’ll still have to contend with that outrageous amount of health. If you meet a Maus on the battlefield, it might be worth familiarising yourself with Penetration Mechanics.


Sam Chandler

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