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7 Tanks You Have to Play At Least Once

Every World of Tanks player should try these seven vehicles at least once.

Literally Any SPG

SPG's, or Artillery, are all very similar to eachother. Makes sense, considering they're the same class and all, but I mean really similar. With Mediums you can get some as thick and slow as the Matilda, or as fast and paper-thin as the Leopard 1. With Heavies you have the Maus, or you have something like the AMX 50 B. There can be a lot of variation, but with Artillery you always end up with more or less the same thing, save for a few differences.

Artillery has always been a mixed bag you either love it, or absolutely despise it. Unless you're in the middle, I guess, in which case you're odd. Certainly one of the most controversial aspects of World of Tanks, but even if you hate artillery (join the club) I'd recommend playing the class a few times to understand what you're up against. By playing the class a bit you can understand some of the limitations behind the class when dealing with friendly artillery, or more importantly how to limit the amount of shells coming your way.


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