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7 Tanks You Have to Play At Least Once

Every World of Tanks player should try these seven vehicles at least once.


The Russian Heavy tanks are some of the best tanks for noobs to play, thanks in part to their phenomenal firepower and their thick armor. The KV-2 offers an excellent experience for anyone, regardless of skill level.

Unfortunately for the KV-2, its armor is a point of suffrage, clocking in at a measly 70-75mm all around the hull and turret. This makes it vulnerable to enemy attack and one of the easiest tanks to set on fire.

I'm going to be frank, you don't play the KV-2 for armor, or mobility, or really anything except one thing. The 152mm howitzer. You might think there are other gun choices on the KV-2 but you'd be horribly mistaken, there is but one. 910 alpha damage with its HE rounds on a Tier 6, with 86mm of penetration. Bearing in mind how thin some of the flat mid-tier Mediums are, and how little health they have, one-shots are common.

Alternatively, you can wait until the perfect opportunity arises with a Tiger's 80mm side armor... yeah, you get where I'm going with this. The KV-2 is an absolutely hilarious tank and a must-play for anyone with a thirst for making big numbers. If you're really not feeling it, however, I'd recommend some other Glass Cannons.


Sam Chandler

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