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7 Tanks You Have to Play At Least Once

Every World of Tanks player should try these seven vehicles at least once.

Skoda T 50

Autoloaders in general are something to behold if you've never tried them. Many hate them because of their extreme damage burst potential, but I tend to find those same players doing terribly in their own autoloaders. Like artillery, it can be useful to familiarise yourself with the concept before blindly hating it (not to say you're not allowed to hate it, just not blindly).

The Skoda T 50, in particular, is an exemplarly autoloader with a certain niche that makes it particularly noteworthy. Not only is the vehicle exceptionally mobile, but the firepower of the Skoda is second to none. Capable of dishing out 960 damage within 3.6 seconds, the Skoda T 50 specialises in dispatching its foes with a very short clip and intraclip reload time, as well as solid accuracy and high penetration. Be careful with the APCR ammunition, though APCR penetration values can be misleading.

Because of these strengths, the Skoda T 50 boasts the highest kills per battle of any Tier 9 vehicle throughout August, making it both an absolute joy to play and an entity to be terrified of on the battlefield. I imagine the Skoda isn't a tank you'd merely play just the once, but would rather make a permanent addition to your collection.

Honorable Mentions:

  • M4 Sherman – For helping every mid-tier player feel powerful
  • IS-3 – For being Russian and fueled by bias
  • AT 2 – For your outrageous armor
  • TOG II – For being just plain weird

It can be difficult to remember every single tank in World of Tanks, and even more difficult unlocking and playing them all. But if you were only able to play a handful, these come highly recommended. Let us know in the comments what weird, whacky, or just plain fun tank you think players just have to play!


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