7 Tanks Players Hate to Fight

If you face one of these tanks on the battlefield, you’re going to have a bad time.

Fighting against an enemy player in World of Tanks can be challenging, especially if they know what they’re doing. Sometimes you can come out on top, but then there are those times were there is no hope, regardless of how good you play.

We reached out to the World of Tanks Reddit community to get their opinion of some of their most hated tanks to fight against, below you’ll find some of their answers, and some of the hilarious things they said about these tanks!

Veteran Tankers: What tanks do you hate fighting against?

AMX 13 series

AMX 13 75, AMX 13 90, and AMX 13 105 embody what it means to “punch above your weight”. These French Light tanks are some of the most versatile armored vehicles in World of Tanks and an utter nightmare to face in open combat.

In the event you happen to find one sitting still, there’s not much it can do, but try tracking one as it flies around the battlefield and it’ll be laughing. Watch as it circles around you, firing round after round from its autoloader, laughing hysterically as you try to get a bead on it.

Then at Tier 10 it’s the AMX 13 105. Did you think you were being shot by a Tank Destroyer? Don’t worry, it’s just a Light tank capable of dealing upwards of 900 damage, even as much as 1,200 if its rounds penetrate – which they will.


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