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7 Deadly Sins of World of Tanks

Repent now or be struck down by an SPG.

It’s easy to lose your way when playing World of Tanks. To be caught up in vices and lose track of the main goal: to have fun. Players make mistakes in games, but it’s when those mistakes become choices and patterns of bad behavior where they become deadly sins. Below are the 7 deadly sins of World of Tanks, a completely subjective list that I'm sure most of you will disagree with. 


The spamming of Premium rounds is the mark of a glutton, someone who overindulges, who does not have limits when it comes to consuming. Premium rounds are to be savored, enjoyed, and used when absolutely necessary.

If you smack the 2-key at the start of a round, before you’ve even faced-off against your first enemy, you might need to take a look at yourself and ask, “Am I committing one of the seven deadly sins of World of Tanks?” It’s okay to admit you are, it’s the first step. Try using one of the different forms of ammunition, like HE rounds – which are excellent when used in the right situation.


Sam Chandler

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