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7 Best Bottom Tier Tanks in World of Tanks

These tanks can hold their own, even when bottom tier.

VK 100.01 P

The German VK 100.01 P Heavy tank is one of the greatest armored tanks in the game thanks to its ability to survive even the direst of circumstances. This Tier 8 HT has some astoundingly thick armor for its tier level, and when the side-scraping tactic is employed, can rely on it even when versing higher-tiered enemies.

The front and side hull armor is 200 and 130 mm respectively, while the turret’s front and side armor is 230 and 160 mm respectively. These thicknesses allow the VK 100.01 P to bounce a fair amount of damage – just be sure to employ a turret wiggle to help avoid getting shot on the cheeks.

Being a bottom tier tank in a match of World of Tanks can be a harrowing experience. Every single tank is more powerful and able to squash you with very little effort. However, there are a few tanks in the game that can survive these extreme scenarios, making them some of the best bottom tier tanks in World of Tanks. What tank you do think works well even at bottom tier?


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