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Highest Penetration Light Tanks in World of Tanks

These Light tanks offer the highest penetration of their tank type.

Highest Penetration Light Tanks – Tier 7

Tier 7 raises the bar further with tanks facing Tier 9 vehicles. The armor of the enemies will be substantially thicker, requiring better penetration values in order to pierce and deal damage.


America starts off the Tier 7 Light tanks with the T71, a small and nimble tank with an auto-loader. This tiny tank boasts shells capable of 145 mm of penetration.


The German Spahpanzer SP I C, or SPIC for short, is an ideal tank to use as a passive scout thanks to its camouflage values and view range. However, when equipped with the 90 mm Mecar 158, its standard rounds can punch through 158 mm of armor with ease.


It comes as no surprise that the Chinese will find their foothold early with the WZ series of tanks. The WZ-131 offers an enjoyable stock grind and works wonders as an active scout. When equipped with its upgraded gun, the WZ-131 has 159 mm of penetration.


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