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Best Tank Scenes from Non-Tank Movies

These movies have nothing to do about war, but they somehow have awesome tank scenes.

Everyone loves a good war movie. There are plenty of tanks, lots of action, maybe even a bit of romance to have us rootin’ for the protagonist to get back home safely. However, what can often be exciting is when a tank rocks up in a non-tank or non-war specific film.

These movies might not be about war or tanks, but at some point during these features, a tank shows up and does what a tank does best – destroy things and look awesome while doing it. 


You and I both started humming the theme song to every James Bond movie ever. In the 90s, we said goodbye to Timothy Dalton and hello to Pierce Brosnan – the greatest James Bond ever (begin your roasting in the comment section now).

Part of the way through GoldenEye, Ourumov captures Natalya, and Bond gives chase through St. Petersburg using a tank. This was a truly incredible scene that smacks of James Bond-like humor.


Sam Chandler

Sam loves all things shooters, whether it's a cheeky chicken dinner in PUBG or diving into a raid in Destiny, he'll be there.