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5 Features We Need in the PS4 5.0 Update

We hope to see some major changes with the PlayStation 5.0 Update.

The PlayStation 5.0 update is almost here, and fans are hoping to see big changes. Sony has always loaded the .0 updates with massive new features and we are expecting 5.0 to be no different. Of course, some changes are needed more than others. Read on to find out what we think could make the Ps4 5.0 update the best one yet.

5. PlayStation LFG

Looking for Group services are an incredibly useful tool to put together a team for shooters like Destiny and Overwatch. There are few things worse than solloqueing competitive Overwatch and being all alone on the payload. While some gamers have cleverly used PS Communities as an LFG platform, it does not match the real thing. With Destiny 2 raids and CoD: WW2’s competitive playlist on the way this fall, a PlayStation LFG would help out on those nights your friends are busy.

This video shows how Xbox LFG works, Sony doesn’t need to reinvent the wheel here.


Vincent Genova

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