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How Update 9.20 is Changing Your Tanks

All the details on vehicle rebalancing in Update 9.20!

German Tech Tree

Heavy Tanks

Tier 9

The Mäuschen’s stock suspension will receive improved terrain resistance values across the board, making it more mobile until you can unlock the elite suspension.

Tier 10

The Maus is currently incredibly controversial in regards to its power level, with newer players still asking how to destroy the Maus, so Wargaming have deemed it necessary to slightly nerf some of its statistics after its recent huge buff.

Its hull floor is being reduced to 50mm from 250mm, a change noticed by none apart from HE-wielding tanks like the Type 5 Heavy and artillery, which will now be able to land shots underneath the Maus for increased damage. Its health pool is also dropping back down to 3000, and its rate of fire is being decreased from 12 seconds to 13.3 seconds, reducing its DPM.

In my opinion the Maus certainly needs a nerf, but I would have reverted its armor model back to its pre-buffed state as it was already strong enough, and currently the Maus’ turret face is impenetrable to all but high penetration Mediums if they’re lucky, Tank Destroyers, or premium rounds even when it’s not angling whatsoever.

Not only this, but the Maus’ front drive wheel and rear wheel are both protected by incredibly thick spaced armor, meaning you can’t penetrate the tank and detrack it at the same time unless you have over 295mm of penetration at the very least. I deem these aspects of the Maus to be problematic, especially in the current map meta, unlike its firepower.

Tank Destroyers

Tier 8

The premium Jagdtiger 8.8cm is a sluggish old girl, so Wargaming have decided to increase its mobility. If you’re familiar with the standard Jagdtiger at Tier 9 you should have an idea of what to expect.


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