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5 Best Third-Party Controllers for PS4

Upgrade your game with the best third-party controller options for PS4.

Third-party controllers have come a long way since the old days where their only use was to keep your dork brother quiet during Goldeneye. Today though, third-party controllers have evolved to fill specialty roles that the DualShock might not be great for. Check out our favorite third-party controllers for the PS4.

Nacon Revolution Pro

It has a halo. No, not that Halo.

Hardcoe Playstation fans will recoil in horror and dose themselves in holy water if they get too close to offset analogue sticks. However, offset sticks are how a lot of gamers grew up playing shooters, and they might want that option on the PS4 today. Enter the Nacon Revolution Pro.

The Pro is a great looking controller that matches the feel of the DS4 by providing a similar shape. The left analogue stick is concaved for comfort and stability while the right is convex for accuracy. Other features include buttons on the back so you can reload or jump without taking your thumbs off the sticks, and software that allows you to customize things like trigger sensitivity. Plus the d-pad looks like Taylor Ham.

The only negatives are a proprietary cable and a lack of trigger locks.


Vincent Genova

Vincent is a washed up former college athlete with a bad shoulder and a worse knee, but thankfully his hands are perfectly fine for gaming. He is often judged for thinking Advanced Warfare is the best Call of Duty, but your judgement won’t make him take down his AW poster that was signed by Angela Gots and Russell Richardson. Vincent is also better than Tom Henderson at everything.