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World of Tanks is Getting Two 1v1 Tournaments

For those who don’t mind rolling solo.

If you consider yourself to be an above-average World of Tanks player, Wargaming is offering two different opportunities to put your money where your mouth is courtesy of a series of 1v1 tournaments.

There will be two separate 1v1 tournaments, both of which are set to commence later this week. The first will be this month’s Third Thursday Throwdown, which is scheduled for Thursday, November 17th. The Third Thursday Throwdown tournament will be held on the Ruinberg map and will allow competitors to use any Tier 5 to Tier 8 tank.

On Saturday, November 19th, a 1v1 Tank Destroyers tournament will be held. The Tank Destroyers tournament will be set on the Mittengard map and will allow any Tier 1 to Tier 4 Tank Destroyer class tank. Head over to our World of Tanks Tank Destroyer Guide to brush up on your TD skills before the tournament!

Time to brush up on your Tank Destroyer skills!

Both tournaments will use the same placement method for determining rewards, with the top seven players from each tournament being awarded an amount of in-game gold befitting their placement:

  • First Place – 500 Gold
  • Second Place – 400 Gold
  • Third Place – 250 Gold
  • Fourth Place – 150 Gold
  • Fifth Place – 100 Gold
  • Sixth Place – 75 Gold
  • Seventh Place – 50 Gold

For more on each tournament, be sure to visit the details and registration pages for the Third Thursday Throwdown and 1v1 Tank Destroyer. Additionally, if you want even more World of Tanks in your life, the mobile spin-off World of Tanks: Blitz is now available on Steam.


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