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LawBreakers Tips - All Role Guides and Best Strategies

Improve at LawBreakers with our tips.

Do you want to get better at LawBreakers? While it looks similar to other team shooters, you’ll need to spend some time learning how to play LawBreakers. As of now, there are nine Roles, or classes, in LawBreakers, and each of them have abilities you’ll need to adjust to. Learn how to play Assassin, Battle Medic and the rest of the Roles with our LawBreakers Guide Hub.

The LawBreakers Guide Hub will be constantly updated with new information. Check back often.

LawBreakers Class Guides

How to Play the Battle Medic Role - The Battle Medic in LawBreakers does a lot more damage then you'd think.

How to Play the Enforcer Role - Run 'n' Gun the Enforcer in LawBreakers.

How to Play the Assassin Role - Fly around with your Arc Blades and carve up your enemies as the Assassin.

How to Play the Gunslinger Role - Get to know Alpha and Omega with the Gunslinger?

How to Play the Harrier Role - Find out the newest Role in LawBreakers. 

How to Play the Juggernaut Role

How to Play the Titan Role

How to Play the Vanguard Role

How to Play the Wraith Role

LawBreakers - Mode and Map Strategies

Earn More Creds - Learn how to increase the amounts of Creds you earn and how to build up a stockpile of this precious currency.

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