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Top 7 Premium Tanks in World of Tanks

Find out how to best spend your cash when it comes to Premium Vehicles in World of Tanks.

Object 252U Defender

Here’s where the bulk of the list lies for the aforementioned reasons. There’s a variety available, though it’ll mostly focus on Heavy Tanks due to the current map meta seemingly favoring them. If Heavies are your thing, check out The Greatest Heavy Tanks in World of Tanks.

In no particular order we have the Object 252U, or its pretty patterned Tovarisch the Defender. The Object 252 boasts impenetrable frontal armor against most equal- and practically all lower- tiered opponents save for the cupolas. Even higher tiers will struggle to penetrate its hull and turret armor once the lower plate is covered, and will recoil in fear of the monstrous 440 alpha damage this tank packs, certainly hitting above its weight.

The drawbacks of the 252 are its horrible accuracy statistics and poor traverse speeds, so unless its in a city, it might feel uncomfortable when the pack of Medium Tanks come looking for a juicy snack.


Jordan Friend

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