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Top 7 Premium Tanks in World of Tanks

Find out how to best spend your cash when it comes to Premium Vehicles in World of Tanks.

M4A1 Revalorisé

Switching to a Medium platform, we have the M4A1 Ravioli (I think, I don’t speak French). The Super Sherman has the underwhelming platform of a Sherman (who would have guessed?), which is decently mobile but lacks any sort of protective capabilities whatsoever. The entire tank revolves around the gun, and oh boy does it deliver.

Sporting a 105mm main armament on a Tier 8 Medium Tank, the M4A1 can out-trade practically every other Medium Tank it’ll meet, while its recently buffed gun handling allows it to shred the performance of any Heavy Tank’s firepower that might otherwise rival its alpha damage. Not only this, but the high shell travel time of the APCR standard ammunition allows the M4A1 to lead shots with ease, and the 10 degrees of gun depression makes it a very competitive Ridgeline Warrior.


Jordan Friend

Jordan is the World of Tanks specialist. With upwards of 24,000 games under his belt, he sits within the top 1% of players on the EU server and plays at an even higher level. This large quantity of games has been split among all classes, nations, and tiers, giving Jordan the experience he has regarding game mechanics, tank statistics, positioning, and more.