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5 Guns Battlefield 1 Players Hate

Check out these 5 awful Battlefield 1 weapons that players love to hate.

Everyone wants to know the best guns of a first-person shooter, and Battlefield 1 is no different. Optimal time to kill weapons will shift the meta of a competitive shooter, and you will need to know the best weapons in the game to keep up. Having said that, let’s look at the worst guns in Battlefield 1, the guns that players hate. Will this help you get better at Battlefield 1? Perhaps. But more likely, this is just a space for you to let out your frustrations on the worst guns in Battlefield 1.

No, the adorable, magnificent Kolibri is not on this list.

M1903 Experimental

The M1903 Experimental is actually a cool little history lesson. The Experimental is based on the Pederson Device, a real-life gadget that converted the M1903 bolt action into a semi-auto that fired pistol cartridges. Now that you had your history lesson, this gun sucks. The Experimental does less damage than a pistol, has slower ADS times than most and significantly worse hip fire. There is no reason to use the M1903 Experimental.

Ok, there is one reason. If you are so good at Battlefield 1 that you are tired of being good and winning all the time, try the M1903 Experimental.


Vincent Genova

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