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Top 9 Assault Heavy Tanks in World of Tanks

Blitz your enemies at high speed with thick steel.

Tier 8


The IS-3 is the beginning of the conventional Fast Heavies we can expect at later tiers. Still retaining decent forward mobility, its traverse speeds suffer in exchange for vastly improved armor values over its two predecessors. The well sloped pike-nose can provide decent all-round protection against sub-200mm penetration guns, and the turret can take a beating from even Tier 10 adversaries providing your turret roof isn’t overmatched.

Not only this, but the firepower of the IS-3 doesn’t falter either with its 122mm BL-9 main armament. Very high penetration standard rounds with significant alpha damage at 390, combined with surprisingly good gun handling allow the IS-3 to out-trade most in a brawling environment, and even contest Medium Tanks with its excellent turret traverse dispersion.

VK 45.02 A

The Germans contest the top Assault Heavy ranks with their recently buffed VK 45.02 A. The upper plate armor on the VK is over 240mm thick when optimally angling and, while the turret isn’t great, it forces the enemy to take the time to aim. Combine this with very capable all-round mobility comparable to the IS at Tier 7 and you have an excellent “Heavium” platform.

The firepower is where the VK takes a down turn. It’s not awful, but isn’t anything that will be forcing your foes to cower in fear, unlike the BL-9.


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