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Top 9 Assault Heavy Tanks in World of Tanks

Blitz your enemies at high speed with thick steel.

Tier 9


Back to the Soviets, we’re blessed with the T-10. An absolute top of the line Assault Heavy with a top speed of 50 km/h, exceptional traverse values, high power-to-weight ratio, and an excellent turret. The low profile nature of the T-10 allows it to minimize its exposure to the enemy, exposing only its outstanding turret armor as a target.

Its firepower is also top notch with impressive alpha damge, penetration, and glorious gun handling. Not only this, but the hull armor is workable after it was buffed post-transition from the old IS-8. The frontal hull is nothing to call home about, but the side armor is 120mm thick at the top, and most of the 80mm zone below is covered by tracks and spaced Stalanium, allowing for effective reverse side scraping. In my books the T-10 is easily the best Assault Heavy tier-for-tier in the game, and it was an effortless grind to 3-mark the tank.

WZ-111 1-4

As is common for the Chinese “clones”, the WZ-111 1-4 (is that enough ‘ones’?) is very similar to the T-10 with excellent mobility and turret armor, just less so in every regard; its cupolas are larger, its gun handling and DPM are worse, its penetration is slightly inferior, it’s not quite as mobile – you get the idea.

This is because the WZ trades off a little bit of everything to mount a 130mm main armament rather than the T-10’s 122mm, increasing its alpha damage to an outrageous 490 commonly only found on Super Heavies or Tier 10 vehicles. Such great alpha damage on a platform like the WZ 1-4 is undeniably deadly, as the tank has the mobility to position itself wherever possible and out-trade any Medium and most Heavies it’ll meet. When compared to another 490 alpha damage gun like the E 75’s 128mm, the WZ gains a noticeable DPM advantage, allowing it to squeeze out two shots for every one the E 75 can, providing the driver is careful.


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