ATARI Speakerhat Beta-Tester Pack

Allegiance Falls to EUnited.

Allegiance's underdog run suffers a setback against Eunited.

Alegiance started off with hopes of keeping their underdog run going, losing out an extremely competitive 250 - 243 map 1 Hardpoint. Arctiys led the way with 22 kills and 172 seconds on the hill for Eunited. S&D was also close, this time it was Clay's turn to carry EUnited with a 2.25 K/d in route to a 6-4 map 2 win.

A back and forth match ended in dominating fashion for EUnited, with a 200 point Hardpoint blowout. The difference in class was finally evident, as EUnited's slaying was too much to handle for the upstart Allegiance team.

Up next for EUnited is an intriguing matchup with defending champs Team EnVy, the winner will surely feel like they have enough to take down the whole thing. Allegiance drops down to Losers for a date with Rise Nation. Rise had an impressive group stage before falling to the other underdog team of the tournament, Team Infused, so Allegiance may like their chances of continuing their run.


Vincent Genova

Vincent is a washed up former college athlete with a bad shoulder and a worse knee, but thankfully his hands are perfectly fine for gaming. He is often judged for thinking Advanced Warfare is the best Call of Duty, but your judgement won’t make him take down his AW poster that was signed by Angela Gots and Russell Richardson. Vincent is also better than Tom Henderson at everything.