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FaZe Clan's Clinical Display Sweeps Team Infused

FaZe Clan becomes the 4th and final team in the Winners semifinals.

With CoD heavyweights OpTic, EnVy and EUnited a;ready advancing to the Winners semifinal, it was Faze's turn to join them. FaZe quickly dispatched of Team Infused in a match that showed the skill gap between the top Call of Duty teams and the rest of the field. 

Team Infused looked to steal the Hardpoint on Scorch, but FaZe proved too much for them on the way to a 250- 196 victory. Up next was Search and Destroy, Team Infused's strongest mode. Unfortunately for them, FaZe was stronger and took the map 6-4. With FaZe being a superior respawn team, winning S&D was back breaking for Infused. FaZe completed the dominating win with a 13-0 Uplink Throwback.

Up next for FaZe Clan is OpTic Gaming in the Winners Semifinals, another huge match in a World Championship that has provided plenty. The winner of Faze - Optic will square off against the winner of EUnited - Team EnVy for a spot in the Grand Finals tomorrow.

Meanwhile, Team Infused will have to save their hopes of being World Champs with a Losers Bracket run. Luminosity will be up first for Team Infused, with the loser going home.


Vincent Genova

Vincent is a washed up former college athlete with a bad shoulder and a worse knee, but thankfully his hands are perfectly fine for gaming. He is often judged for thinking Advanced Warfare is the best Call of Duty, but your judgement won’t make him take down his AW poster that was signed by Angela Gots and Russell Richardson. Vincent is also better than Tom Henderson at everything.