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Top 10 Highest Win Rate Tanks in August

Discover the highest Win Rate Tanks of August.

WZ-111 5A

Finally, in first place, the second Tier 10 Chinese Heavy Tank – the WZ-111 5A.

Very similarly to the 113, the WZ-111 5A specialises in mobility, turret armor, and a brutal gun. It shares 2700 DPM with its brother, however gains an extra 50 alpha damage and a superior aiming time, making it considerably stronger in that regard. And apparently, the WZ-111 5A backs up these stats with an impressive win rate of 56.1%.

Despite that, the 113 still has its strengths yet isn’t anywhere close to the 5A in terms of Win Rate, which makes me think it’s so high up because the only players who own the tank yet are more experienced players with the dedication to grind the XP out in advance, or had the free XP lying around to obtain it immediately – likely a similarly situation to the Swedish Heavies. That’s not to say the 5A isn’t an excellent tank in its own right though, as it certainly is.

That rounds off the objective list for the Highest Win Rate Tanks in August. Were there any tanks that made the list which particularly surprised you? For me it was the T110E3, as I wouldn’t rank it anywhere near one of the best performing tanks in the game.


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