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Top 10 Highest Win Rate Tanks in August

Discover the highest Win Rate Tanks of August.

AMX M4 49

Often forgotten about, we have a French Tank that actually protected itself with steel rather than wet baguettes, the AMX M4 49.

I was somewhat surprised to see this here, not because it’s a bad vehicle, but rather it gets overshadowed by the Patriot, Chrysler, and Defender. I feel like the M4 49 was power crept as soon as it was released, but it still has some important strengths regardless – namely being its armor.

The AMX does have a weak and somewhat frustrating cupola, but the rest of the frontal armor is insane and can challenge the majority of Tier 8’s and below who fire at it. Because of this clear advantage in the current map meta, the Liberte holds a 53.59% Win Rate.


Jordan Friend

Jordan is the World of Tanks specialist. With upwards of 24,000 games under his belt, he sits within the top 1% of players on the EU server and plays at an even higher level. This large quantity of games has been split among all classes, nations, and tiers, giving Jordan the experience he has regarding game mechanics, tank statistics, positioning, and more.