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Top 5 World of Tanks Plays of The Week - Week 29

Your weekly dose of power creep and Russian bias.

Some of the new, some of the old. Whether it’s hilarious antics from the new 9.20 Patch, or the same occurrences we see… far more often than we should in Random Battles, we once again have it all.

In case you can’t get enough of these ridiculous happenings, check out last week’s edition.

Waffentrager auf Foch B

Anyone who remembers the old Waffentrager E 100’s brutal clip potential will likely be panicking about the AMX 50 Foch B right about now, and Halmyradov doesn’t help with that as he deletes the entirety of a Type 4 Heavy, followed by almost the entirety of a Strv 103-0.

Personally, I’m happy that the Foch 155 was replaced with something better, as it was widely agreed upon that the Tank was pretty lack luster to say the least. I truly hope this doesn’t turn out to be too good, like the WT auf E 100. It's too early to determine exactly how strong the Foch B will be, but time will tell.


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