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Top 5 World of Tanks Plays of The Week - Week 29

Your weekly dose of power creep and Russian bias.

Baguette Bias!

Milkym4n, our Custom Tank Skin-making God, tests out his new AMX 50 Foch B by clipping out the entirety of a freshly-buffed IS-7’s 2400 hitpoints. But the victim is a Russian Tank, killed by a French Tank? Wargaming will have to bug test more thoroughly in the future – this mistake will be fixed by next week. /s


Jordan Friend

Jordan is the World of Tanks specialist. With upwards of 24,000 games under his belt, he sits within the top 1% of players on the EU server and plays at an even higher level. This large quantity of games has been split among all classes, nations, and tiers, giving Jordan the experience he has regarding game mechanics, tank statistics, positioning, and more.