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Infinite Warfare DLC 4 Revealed

Watch the trailer for IW DLC4 for a surprise from an old Call of Duty game.

Infinity Ward has revealed the 4th and possibly final DLC for Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. The new zombies episode will be called The Beast from Beyond, and it will take place on a spaceship. Infinity Ward also released a trailer for The Beast from Beyond, which you can view below.

The trailer features our crew on a spaceship, with a H.A.L like Space Odyssey voice narrating. The Eraser weapon is shown heavily. The trailer features plenty of zombies, but it ends on a surprise. A Cryptid is seen jumping out as the trailer cuts to black. 

For those unfamiliar, Cryptids were the main enemy in Call of Duty: Ghost's Extinction game mode. Before all three Call of Duty developers made zombies, they each had their own co-op experience. Extinction had players fighting aliens, known as Cryptids, in an experience that was similar to zombies. Now that the universes have combined, it will be interesting to see how infinity Ward ties the game modes together. The Beast from Beyond launches for PS4 on September 12th, with Xbox and PC following about 30 days later.


Vincent Genova

Vincent is a washed up former college athlete with a bad shoulder and a worse knee, but thankfully his hands are perfectly fine for gaming. He is often judged for thinking Advanced Warfare is the best Call of Duty, but your judgement won’t make him take down his AW poster that was signed by Angela Gots and Russell Richardson. Vincent is also better than Tom Henderson at everything.