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Top 7 Autoloaders in World of Tanks

If you’re looking for burst damage, you’ve come to the right place.

T57 Heavy

You know how I said firepower alone is useless without something to back it up? Yeah, well that’s not entirely always true. The T57 would greatly benefit from having either mobility or armor on its side, but it really doesn’t. The top speed is crippling low, when traversing you could mistake the game you’re playing for World of Warships, the frontal hull and turret are littered in weak spots, and its side and rear armor are hilariously bad. In fact, the T57 can’t even aim well – at all, as it has objectively worst in class gun handling for any Tier 10 Heavy Tank by far.

Despite all that, it manages to find itself being one of the greatest Assault Heavies at Tier 10. The absolute only thing the Tank has going for it is bonkers burst damage and DPM, and that alone carries the Tank by providing such obscene potential in the right situations.


Jordan Friend

Jordan is the World of Tanks specialist. With upwards of 24,000 games under his belt, he sits within the top 1% of players on the EU server and plays at an even higher level. This large quantity of games has been split among all classes, nations, and tiers, giving Jordan the experience he has regarding game mechanics, tank statistics, positioning, and more.