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Top 10 American Tanks in World of Tanks

Discover the finest Tanks in the USA collection.

T57 Heavy

An Assault Heavy with great potential but terrible consistency. The T57 is a vehicle I have a strong love/hate relationship with.

There’s almost nothing good about the T57. Its armor is very unreliable and covered in weak spots, and the mobility is exceptionally bad considering how little armor it has. The gun handling stats are the worst of any Heavy at Tier 10, making hitting the target a challenge even at point-blank.

But then you come to its DPM and burst damage potential. In the right scenario, the T57 is obscenely strong. All you need is a brawling map that allows you to slug it out against tanks a few feet away from you, maximum. Here, the true wrath of the T57 becomes known, and your best-in-class DPM comes into play. 1600 clip potential within 6 seconds of firing the first shot, before you spend a mere 20 seconds reloading the entire magazine. This damage output is simply unmatched by any other non-Tank Destroyer in the game.

That’s it for my list of the Top 10 American Tanks in World of Tanks. If your favorite tank made the list, let me know. If it didn’t, give it a shout out in the comments – I’d like to know what it was.


Jordan Friend

Jordan is the World of Tanks specialist. With upwards of 24,000 games under his belt, he sits within the top 1% of players on the EU server and plays at an even higher level. This large quantity of games has been split among all classes, nations, and tiers, giving Jordan the experience he has regarding game mechanics, tank statistics, positioning, and more.