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Top 10 American Tanks in World of Tanks

Discover the finest Tanks in the USA collection.


Now, the T49 has two variations as far as I’m concerned. A configuration that allows it to be a decent Tier 9 vehicle, and a configuration that makes it a meme.

Not many realise it, but the T49’s 90mm gun choice is a very strong gun. Its DPM sits at over 2500, which would be good for an equal Tier Medium let alone a Light Tank. Aside from that, the penetration is a decent 212, and the gun handling is fantastic. The other choice renders the vehicle’s viability down to a dice roll. The 152mm.

Despite quite clearly being the worse option, I know you’ll pick it anyway. Who doesn’t love a Glass Cannon? There’s something about a KV-2 that goes at 65 km/h, with a hp/t ratio of over 36, that appeals to people for some reason. I can’t quite imagine why.


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