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World of Warships Commander XP Bonus Event Now Live

Now’s the time to beef up your favorite commanders.

Thanksgiving is right around the corner and Wargaming has decided to celebrate the holiday with a special mini-event in World of Warships that allows players to level up their in-game commanders at a faster pace

Starting November 21st and lasting until Thursday, November 24th (Thanksgiving Day), World of Warships players can try their hand at the new “Shipsgiving Prep” missions. The mission tasks players with winning a single co-op, random, or ranked battle while piloting any tier IV or higher warship.

Completing the mission will award a 50% bonus to any Commander XP earned from the match. Best of all, the mission is repeatable so if there are any commanders you’ve been hoping to level quickly, now’s the perfect time to do so.

Speaking of World of Warships commanders, there’s still plenty of time for players to recruit a special in-game commander version of legendary martial arts actor Steven Seagal through the currently ongoing “Seizing Seagal” event.

If you’ve already added Seagal to your roster of commanders, you’ll find that he will also be able to benefit from the Shipsgiving Prep mission, so get in there and start winning!


Nate Hohl

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