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Panzer 58 Mutz and Shadow Bundles now Available

A new Shadow variant enters the fray.

Wargaming is continuing its series of new “Shadow” variant Premium tanks (which are basically just pre-existing tanks adorned with a special black camo) with a Shadow variant of the German Schwartzpanzer 58.

Also known as the Panzer 58 Mutz or the “White Bear,” the Schwartzpanzer 58 is a solid tier VIII tank which comes equipped with a high overall speed and excellent accuracy, making it a very annoying tank to fight against when piloted by an expert. Much like the previously offered IS-6 and T34 Shadow bundles, players who already own the standard Panzer 58 Mutz can purchase the Shadow variant at a 50 percent discount. That discount is also folded into the below bundle which includes both the Panzer 58 Mutz and its Shadow variant.

PZ 58 Mutz And PZ 58 Shadow Basic Bundles - $39.99 Each

  • Two separate bundles for each tank, the 50 percent discount is applied if you buy the Panzer 58 Mutz first but it’s actually cheaper to purchase the dual bundle if you want to buy both tanks. Both bundles include a bonus garage slot.

Mutz And Shadow Dual Bundle - $57.99

  • Includes both tanks and two bonus garage slots.
  • 50 percent discount is applied for PZ 58 Shadow.

PZ 58 Shadow Loaded Bundle - $49.99

  • PZ 58 Shadow Premium Tank.
  • Bonus Garage Slot.
  • Vertical Stabilizer Mod.
  • Improved Ventilation Mod.
  • Gun Rammer Mod.
  • 1,200 Gold.

PZ 58 Shadow Ultimate Bundle - $69.99

  • PZ 58 Shadow Premium Tank.
  • Bonus Garage Slot.
  • All Mods From The Loaded Bundle.
  • Seven Days of Premium Account Time.
  • 4,000 Gold.
  • 1,200,000 Credits.

All of the above bundles are available until Monday, December 19th. If you want to purchase any of them, you can find links for each bundle here. The above IS-6 and T34 bundles are also still available in Monday, December 12th.


Nate Hohl

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