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World of Tanks Terminology

The World of Tanks phrases, slang words, and terms you need to know.

Derp Gun

"Derp Gun" or "Derpgun" is a term used to describe a gun of high caliber and outrageous power, delivering high alpha damage per shell. One such gun that is often considered a derp gun is the 75mm Howitzer. Derp guns are most commonly used by artillery, but can be used by other tanks as well, such as the KV-2.


In World of Tanks, the term DPM refers to "damage-per-minute," and acts as a means to judge a tank’s damage output over a period of time. Due to the guns in World of Tanks taking several seconds to reload and ready, there is no use using the term DPS or damage-per-second. However, just because a tank has a high damage-per-minute doesn’t mean it will be able to beat a tank with a lower damage-per-minute.


"Face-hug" is one of the most literal terms in World of Tanks. It refers to when two tanks battle it out at point blank range, usually with one tank pushing the front of their hull into their opponent's hull so that the "faces" of the tanks hug one another. When at point-blank range, it can be difficult for an enemy to shoot your hull, but it could make it easier for them to shoot your turret.

Gun Depression / Gun Elevation

Gun depression in World of Tanks refers to the degree in which a tank's gun can aim downward. Likewise, gun elevation refers to the degree of the gun's upward range. The gun elevation and gun depression of a tank are indicated by + / - degree values, respectively.

Use gun depression to your advantage to deal damage to unsuspecting enemies below you.
Use gun depression to your advantage to deal damage to unsuspecting enemies below you.

A tank with good gun depression will be able to aim downward a significant amount, allowing them to take advantage of sloped terrain by going hull down (see next page). Some tanks are better for going hull down than others due to their good gun depression values and strong turret armor.


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