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World of Tanks Terminology

The World of Tanks phrases, slang words, and terms you need to know.

Seal Clubbing

In World of Tanks, the phrase “seal clubbing” is used to describe the act of an experienced World of Tanks player using a fully upgraded low-tier tank to decimate new players. It’s generally a frowned-upon sport.


Side-scraping is a method that involves angling your tank so that its sides are at an acute angle relative to an opponent. Depending on the tank, side-scraping helps to increase your effective armor and improve the odds of bouncing incoming shots by having shells merely graze your sides rather than penetrate your armor. 

This method avoids exposing the front of your tank and works better in vehicles with greater side armor. Due to the wide angle used in side scraping, this method can pose a problem when done near other players at building corners or tight intersections. Players should be mindful of their teammates and angle themselves accordingly to prevent any awkward positioning.

Stat Padding

Stat padding in World of Tanks refers to player activities that are done with the intention of increasing one's win rate or WN8 stats. This often involves using certain tanks that tend to guarantee better stats than others. Seal clubbing can be considered a form of stat padding as well, since it can be used as a method for bumping up a player's overall stats. The term may be used negatively to indicate a player who is not as skilled as those who don't rely on stat padding methods. 

Suicide Scout

This one is pretty self-explanatory, but a "suicide scout" is a scout player who rushes toward the enemy team at the start of battle in an attempt to quickly start spotting opponents, essentially rushing off to die. Moving quickly toward a scouting position isn't necessarily a bad thing if done properly. However, suicide scouts often get themselves killed due to their reckless advancement. Check out our guide on how to scout in World of Tanks to avoid playing like a suicide scout in-game.


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