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World of Tanks Terminology

The World of Tanks phrases, slang words, and terms you need to know.


The term “Tomato” refers to an inexperienced player as dictated by their WN8. Players who have a win rate of less than 48% are signified by the color red when viewed using the XVM mod. As such, the term “tomato” is used in a derogatory manner to point out unskilled or novice players. It can be difficult to claw your way out of the tomato rating, but there are ways to not be a tomato.

Unicum / Unicorn

Contrary to "tomato", the term “unicum” is used to describe a skilled World of Tanks player that has a significantly high WN8. The term "unicorn" may also be used. It's usually safe to presume that a unicum player with a high WN8 has an excellent grasp of the game mechanics and is knowledgable about tanks and battle strategies. Unicum players will appear purple when using the XVM mod in World of Tanks.


The term "wolfpack" is used in World of Tanks to describe a combination or team of Light, Medium, and Heavy tanks moving as a cohesive unit across the battlefield. The benefits of this is that the unit has the advantages of all the tanks working together closely.

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