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World of Warships Gets Two Shipsmas Eve Bonus Missions

The countdown to Shipsmas has begun.

During the final week leading up to Christmas (or “Shipsmas” as World of Warships fans like to call it), Wargaming is offering two bonus in-game missions that can help players rake in Commander XP and ship camos.

The two missions are available now and will remain available until this upcoming Friday, December 23rd. Both missions are repeatable, which means that if you were thinking of grinding out some Commander XP or going for some ship camos anyways, now is the perfect time. Full details on the two missions can be found below:

‘Twas the Night Before Shipsmas

  • Destroying an enemy ship in any random or co-op battle will award a 25 percent bonus to all earned Commander XP for that battle.

Deck the Halls!

  • Hit enemy targets with your main guns 40 times in a single random or co-op battle and earn a random type 6 ship camo.

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Nate Hohl

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