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Get Ready For Two New 1v1 World of Tanks Tournaments

World of Tanks is giving players two new ways to throw down later this week!

Wargaming has announced that two new World of Tanks 1v1 tournaments are coming later this week, giving players two different opportunities to prove that they’re the best tank duelists around.

The first 1v1 tournament will be held on Thursday, January 26th, and will allow players to use any tanks between tier V and tier IX as they duke it out on the Widepark map. If you’re looking for a slightly less intense 1v1 competition, the second tournament is scheduled for Saturday, January 28th, and allows for any vehicles between tier IV and tier VI on the Mittengard map. The prize scaling for both tournaments is as follows:

  • 1st Place – 500 Gold
  • 2nd Place – 400 Gold
  • 3rd Place – 250 Gold
  • 4th Place – 150 Gold
  • 5th Place – 100 Gold
  • 6th Place – 75 Gold
  • 7th Place – 50 Gold

If you want to register for either tournament, you can find the official tournament page for the tier IX tournament here and the tier VI tournament here.

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