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World of Tanks New Player Missions Are Now Live

Now’s a great time to hop in if you’re new to the game.

World of Tanks can be a pretty complex game once you really dive into it, which can be intimidating for newer players. To give fresh World of Tanks players a leg up, Wargaming is offering a series of new beginner-friendly missions throughout the month of February.

First off, there’s a pair of missions which are available from now until March 3rd. Completing each mission will award a group from Personal Reserves, making the early going a little easier:

  • Learn Consumables – Win four battles in any tier III-VI vehicle as one of the top 10 XP earners on your team.
  • Help A Tomato – Earn 8,000 XP while in a tier III-VI platoon.

In addition to the missions listed above, Wargaming will also be activating an XP/Reserves boost for different tank nations during each week in February.

While a nation’s boosts are active, players will earn bonus XP and Reserves when using any tank aligned with that nation. The bonus weeks are as follows

  • February 3-13: USA
  • February 10-20: USSR
  • February 17-27: Germany
  • February 24-March 6: UK

In addition to the above newbie-friendly missions, Wargaming has a lot more in store for World of Tanks during the month of February, as you can see in their brand new event calendar.


Nate Hohl

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