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Vote For World of Tanks in the YouTube Super Bowl Ad Blitz

Support World of Tanks and vote for their Super Bowl 51 commercial.

There were a lot of great commercials shown during last weekend’s Super Bowl event, and you may have noticed one which advertised a little old game called World of Tanks. Now, YouTube has curated the various Super Bowl ads that were shown and is asking fans to vote for their favorites.

While Wargaming wound up producing a total of five different commercials (four of which hilariously spoof other products, services, and shows before running over them with a tank), not all of them aired during the Super Bowl.

You can vote for the World of Tanks commercial in the YouTube AdBlitz 2017 poll by heading to the official AdBlitz page and scrolling over to the Gaming category.

If you want to watch all of the World of Tanks Super Bowl commercials in one place, you can do so over at the World of Tanks #TanksRule webpage. Or, you can watch the World of Tanks commercial that aired during the Super Bowl down below.

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Nate Hohl

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