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Sniper Elite 4's Most Violent Kills

Warning: Punctured lungs, burst kidneys, and slashed throats.

Sniper Elite is a series that revolves around taking out enemies, typically from a distance, and usually with a sniper rifle. In Sniper Elite 4, each kill is followed by a slow-motion death sequence, where you get to see exactly what sort of damage your bullet might be doing. This isn't your everyday death sequence, this is x-ray vision.

Even more visceral are the knife kills. Instead of simply stabbing an enemy and throwing them away, you get an extremely detailed picture of the knife sliding into their gut, heart, or throat, and seeing the effect your action has on the human body.

But that’s enough about that, what you want to see is Sniper Elite 4’s most violent kills. Check out the video below, where we highlight some of the most brutal ways you can kill your enemies in Sniper Elite 4. Personally, I’m a fan of shooting an enemy’s grenade as it hangs on their hip and watching it explode around them. Brutal.


Sam Chandler

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