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Battlefield 1 They Shall Not Pass DLC Gets An Official Trailer

The nation of France will soon enter the Battlefield 1 fray.

Electronic Arts and DICE have unveiled a brand new trailer for Battlefield 1 which focuses on the game’s upcoming They Shall Not Pass DLC expansion.

While you may mistake the name of the DLC as a play on a certain famous Lord of the Rings line, it’s actually a direct reference to the rallying cry the French forces shouted while storming the fronts of World War II: “Ils Ne Passeront Pas” (they shall not pass).

It’s an appropriate enough title considering the DLC adds a playable French faction to Battlefield 1 in addition to four new multiplayer maps (one of which is themed around the infamous Battle of Soissons), a new Frontlines game mode, two new Operations, new weapons, and more.

They Shall Not Pass will become available to owners of the Battlefield 1 Premium Pass on March 14. Those who don’t own the Premium Pass will be able to buy the DLC as a standalone purchase on March 28.  

A full breakdown of the new features included in They Shall Not Pass can be found over on the official Battlefield 1 website. You can also read our previous coverage of how the expansion will put a strong emphasis on tank-based combat.



Nate Hohl

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