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5 Maps We Want Brought Back to World of Tanks

These maps were taken from us too soon, and now we want them brought back to World of Tanks!


This low-tier only map often resulted in drawn-out battles, but when it worked
When played in Random Battles, Province was a low-tier only map that often led to stalemates. Despite this, it remains one of the most fondly-remembered maps for older players.

It may surprise some of the newer players to hear that the low-tier tanks used to play on more than just Mines, Mittengard, and Winter Himmelsdorf. There used to be a map in rotation for low-tiers only called Province. Perhaps bringing Province back to World of Tanks would be a good way to fix Tier 3?

Province is home to a large valley that divides the map in two, with either team spawning in the corners. With plenty of buildings and bushes strewn around the map, there are heaps of places for tanks to hide, but once you shoot, prepare for retaliation!

Despite it being a mode limited to “Tier 3 and below” in Standard Battle, Province was available in Clan matches, which led to extremely gratifying Tier 10 battles. For a map so small, using such powerful weaponry was hilarious.

With a bit of tweaking, we’re sure that Province would be a great map to bring back to World of Tanks.


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